Indo Swiss Training Centre Old Students Association


Any student who successfully passes-out from Indo-Swiss Training Centre, Chandigarh is eligible to be a member of ISTCOSA. There are two types of memberships as below :

Life Member


  • One time payment for membership of ISTCOSA.
  • Free ISTCOSA Memento – CANON to be presented.
  • Free Life-Member Identity Badge
  • Discounted entry for self and spouse at all ISTCOSA events.
  • Voting rights available.

Regular Member


  • Basic membership is free to all ALUMNI of ISTC
  • No Memento for Basic Membership
  • No Life-Member Identity Badge
  • No Discounts at any ISTCOSA Events.
  • No voting rights
Privileges of ISTCOSA Life Members
  • Onetime payment for membership of ISTCOSA.
  • Free ISTCOSA Memento – CANON
  • Discounted Entry-fee for self and spouse at all ISTCOSA Functions.
  • Free entry to ISTCOSA functions for batches in Golden & Silver Jubilee Year.
  • Free entry to all ISTCOSA functions after completing 50 years of entry to ISTC.
In addition to the above:-
  • ISTCOSA is an immense network of professional contacts—all with whom you already have one thing in common. It offers chances for alumni to rub shoulders with one another at socials or events which is not only a great way to mingle and enjoy yourself, but also the perfect opportunity to expand your professional connections and meet new people.
  • ISTCOSA wants you to succeed and successful graduates are an institute's best asset. It offers a variety of career services like job postings and resources for job-seekers.
  • How do your diploma /degree increase in value? It’s simple. According to several college reporting agencies such as S. News & World Report, alumni engagement is one of several qualities used to rank major institutes. Joining ISTCOSA helps increase ISTC’s reputation which in turn makes your diploma even more valuable! Win-win.
Give back
  • Remember that ISTC provided you with best of the educational opportunity and that ISTCOSA isn't just about discounts and job offers. Joining an ISTCOSA is the easiest way to give back to ISTC through financial assistance to the needy ISTCians. So whether you sign up for membership, send a generous donation, or offer to serve as a mentor, there are many ways that ISTCOSA will help you help your school. Your membership can bring about a whole lot of good for students who are now in the position you once occupied. (We’re sure that you probably appreciated the help you got back then too!)
A Matter of Pride
  • Supporting ISTC shows pride in your education. Are you proud of having graduated from ISTC? Does your diploma signify your feelings for ISTC? Alumni support is essential to keep this pride alive. So, make it a matter of pride to be a member of ISTC alumni community of the premier institute ISTC.
Don’t assume that benefits of ISTCOSA end when you walk across that stage—the power of community could pay you more in lifelong dividends than you ever knew

Old Hostel Building
Indo-Swiss Training Centre CSIO,
Sector 30-C

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