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1About WebsiteThe moment a feedback is attended to, an auto-generated email confirmation be sent to the person giving feedback.2018-06-05 07:15:42Done
2About ISTCOSAThere is no display on home page asking "Rate Us". It is only showing total rate and the stars.2018-06-05 06:57:01Done
3About ISTCOSAOnce a person gives rating, he / she should be allowed to rate again by over-writing previous rating. However, it should not change the total rate.2018-06-05 06:56:35Done
4About WebsiteThe calendar displayed is still of March. Please change it to the current month.2018-06-05 06:56:24Done
5About WebsiteThe 'Rate Us 'page is not working. It only asks your roll no. and doesn't work further. Please make corrections.2018-06-05 07:08:53Done
6About ISTCOSAHow to contact 2018-06-05 07:08:45Pending
7About ISTCOSAI have been regularly attended all the events for past many years but not shared stage2018-06-05 07:10:31Pending
8About Website1. The "Admin Response" in feedback section should not be left blank. It should show the cirrent status i.e. Done, Pending, any explaination etc....2018-06-05 07:17:07Done
9About ISTCOSADear Sir, Few Life-Members of batch 2013 are not listed. 2018-08-31 23:26:04Pending
10About WebsiteMr. Kapil Gupta (8253) was never a mentor whereas names of Mr. Jaspal Singh Nagi (7451) and Mr. Ranjit Singh (7209) are missing from mentors list.2018-11-27 23:33:43Pending
11About Website1. If possible, an auto generated email should go to the person giving feedback whenever his/ her feedback is addressed.2018-06-05 07:27:05Done
12About WebsiteThe name of Mr. M. S. Gupta (7502) is missing from mentors list.2018-11-27 23:36:25Pending
13About ISTCOSAThe registered percentage for 1972 batch is shown as 50% whereas only 29 are registered out of 63 persons. It has to show less than 50%.2018-11-27 23:46:25Pending
14About ISTCOSAThe registered percentage for 1972 batch is shown as 50% whereas only 29 are registered out of 63 persons. It has to show less than 50%.2018-11-27 23:46:26Pending
15About ISTCOSAThere are lot many corrections required to be done in profiles of numerous members with regard to state, names, occupation, LM status etc. etc. It has been pointed out number of times in last 2-3 years but action is still pending.2018-11-27 23:49:44Pending
16About ISTCOSAThere should be a clickable feedback status icon, visible to all, on home page.2018-11-27 23:52:32Pending
17About ISTCOSAThe admin response in feedback section should show when the action is taken to clear the feedback.2018-11-27 23:53:46Pending
18About ISTCOSAThe feedback page should show the name of the person giving feedback.2018-11-27 23:55:56Pending
19About ISTCOSA2013013 is appearing twice in life members section. Kindly correct it.2018-11-28 14:52:49Pending
20About Website7. Events section needs to be updated frequently. It is due for updation right now. The events as well as the images & videos etc. The event heading should include month of the event also.2018-06-05 07:11:46Pending
21About ISTCOSAThere used to be a comparative bar chart showing registration and life members of different batches which is missing. Kindly re-activate that page.2018-11-28 22:02:43Pending
22About ISTCOSAPlease start CHAT BOX if possible.2018-11-28 22:03:18Pending
23About ISTCOSAThe current picture shown in the profile of Mr. Ashok Gupta, 7810 is wrong. The picture is of Mr. Kovid Kampani. Please correct it.2018-11-29 17:46:13Pending
24About WebsiteAll feedbacks should be visible to the alumni, along with status.2018-06-05 07:12:28Done
25About ISTCOSABatch coordinators for 2011, 2012 and 2014 to be inserted in coordinators section.2018-06-05 11:39:59Done
26About ISTCOSAMentor section needs to be updated. At least last 1-2 years' mentors are known which can be shown there.2018-06-05 07:10:51Pending
27About WebsitePlease increase the ad scroll hold time in "Our Sponsors" to at least 5-6 seconds.2018-06-05 07:08:27Pending
28About WebsitePlease keep updating the status of feedbacks.2018-06-05 07:21:07Done
29About ISTCOSAIn this section, the 'Done' should be displayed with green colour base as 'Pending' is shown in orange colour base.2018-06-05 07:00:56Done

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