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Welcome To ISTCOSA

Ever wondered why Old Students' Associations are formed? Many of us will come out with various answers and the most would answer, "Whenever we meet, we live old memories and exchange notes". The memories when we were together for the first time and the last time at school or college, the classes we bunked together, the canteen where we sipped hot tea, the mischief’s, the pranks, the fights, the playgrounds, the nicknames.

The Indo Swiss Training Centre Old Students' Association (ISTCOSA) was formed to bring the alumni under an umbrella. Since then, the association has risen from being merely a gathering for lunch and dinner parties to a strong fraternity with goals and achievements.

Members and friends in different parts of the world, with a will to promote fraternity, gathered and helped set the goals and formulated methods to achieve set goals. The governing body is nominated with members having positive social experiences. Main goals of the association are:-

  • To promote honorable friendship, intellectual excellence and mutual aid, close personal connection between alumni, old students and college to bind them together.
  • To inculcate courage, self control, obedience and courtesy towards all with whom they may come in contact.
  • Support alumni by providing them with business or employment and also letting them outsource products, services and employment.
  • Manage and increase resources of the fraternity which include membership, alumni involvement, assets and revenues, communications and technology orientation.
  • To impart information about latest manufacturing processes, trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • To raise a rolling fund for various welfare activities of the association