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ISTCOSA is an association of Old Students of Indo Swiss Training Center. The website www.istcosa.com is a platform to unite all the ex students on a common stage. It’s a tool to show the power of united ISTCians if operated properly. Read More..!!

[tabs style=”v3″ ] [tab title=”ISTC” ]ISTC today is a training centre of repute in the field of Technical Training. The Indian industry had been impressed with the performance of ISTC and even today after 44 years of its inception, the center has maintained an excellent quality of training. The basic aim of this training is skills. All the trainees work on machines individually and are trained to execute industrial jobs and face real life work environment. Stress is laid on the development of attitude such as punctuality, cleanliness, housekeeping, obedience, prior in labor, commitment etc. There exists a perfect spirit of teamwork among trainees and staff. Behavior and discipline of trainee are closely monitored and recorded. A rigid system of performance evaluation has been devised to maintain the quality of training. Read More..!! [/tab] [tab title=”Executive Committee”]The management of the affairs of the Association is entrusted (as required u/s 2 of The Societies Registration Act, 1860 as applicable to Union Territory of Chandigarh) in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Association to a Governing Body/ Executive Committee of which the members are. Read More..[/tab] [/tabs]

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